Talking about a Dream Job: What does a Web Designer do?

What does a web designer do, do you know? People who are able to design, everybody knows, must be very creative. Not everybody has an ability to design, so those who have are surely lucky, don’t you think so? How about a web designer? Is he/she also creative? They must be. Not only they are creative, but also web designers are technically inclined. In general what they do is to make a website useful and aesthetic so everybody who opens the website will be informed by the content of the website and feel happy or amazed, by the unique or beautiful designs created by web designers. If you want to be a web designer, you should take computer science or the field related. However, people whose major isn’t computer science can learn how to be a web designer. All they have to do is learn HTML from books, from online tutorial, and from people with their tutorials. After that, trying to create basic websites by themselves is obviously a must. To always practice creating website will make everything perfect. If they understand and master HTML, they should learn other program languages, such as SQL, Flash, Javascript, and Adobe Creative Suite. Here, what you should do to design a website for the very first time and followed by tips if you are already able to create web designs.

Knowing the principle of web designs:

  • Grid System. Find out the way the texts and images are easy and comfortable to read. Later on when you become more and more experienced, you can be more creative by avoiding grid.
  • Visually hierarchical. Anything should be visually hierarchical. This is to make people read or scan easily. The basic one should be like F or Z shape.
  • Fonts. Fonts in website surely cannot be neglected. Make sure the serif fonts are only for headlines. After that, make sure that you keep the fonts minimal or the website appeared too much and uneasy to read. The body of the text is suggested sans-serif. Be careful, the fonts can take up more space that people will be uneasy to load, so choose the one that are not enormous.
  • About the color, you should stick to 2 or 3 except you need to highlight important things; however, you should be careful since colors can make it uneasy to load as well. Be careful also with color pairing, since some of us are color-blinded.
  • For the images, you should always try small size images, and you shouldn’t try moving images, except you are already an expert. Not only they are not easy to create, but also people love to see still websites. The images you use like pictures should be meaningful and last but not least, be careful with the licenses and copyrights of the images you use or you will end up in trouble.

Tips to be a professional web designer

  • Learn from the best. All you have to do is browse websites and learn something from the creators.
  • Have vector graphic editor such as Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, and Fireworks.
  • Let people know about you and your ability and skill.
  • Always practice, practice, and practice. Practices will make you be experienced in everything related. This is actually the thing that makes you be successful.
  • Always have plans before designing webs to ease your job and to be able to get the best result.
  • Always evaluate every design you created and try to get feedback from clients.
  • Always make yourself update with technology.
  • Always update your portfolio.

So, what do you think? Do you still want to become a web designer? Hopefully, the article can answer the question: “What does a web designer do?” and gives you inspiration.

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