Essential Web Designing Interview Questions and Answers

Web designing interview questions are commonly specific and related to the job especially you apply for this job. This skill basically can be learned in autodidact way. But of course there are also places that provide the course or classes in case you want to be certified for this specialty. When you want to apply for this job at certain company, they might ask you several things related to web designing.

Web design is not web development. So, you better know about it. In this article, we have gathered several essential questions that are commonly asked by the HR person to you in a job interview. You should check it.

What is white space and how does it affect the web content?

Area that is intentionally left blank called white space. It can be other than white. White space can be used to separate or group the elements visually in efficient way. Other than that, it can be used to make attention for specific element and reinforce the grid and layout of website’s content. Designers commonly use white space to create composition that is aesthetically pleasing.

Do you know “gestalt” principles? What are those?

Gestalt principles are the part of the visual perception theory. Those deal with the ability of the mind to see things that are implicitly visible by finding similarities, physically disconnected elements, completing compositions, and combining shapes, subconsciously.

The principles are such as similarity, proximity, closure, figure-round relation, common fate, and continuity.

How do you combine fonts?

Well, there are some fonts that can work nicely together. It is important to look the similarities of each font that will be combined. However, the fonts cannot have too much similarity because it will not look like you combine different fonts anyway.

When combining fonts, it can use the single font with contrast thickness options. For example, the font with light or thin version will be different with the font with bold or black version. Anyway, those will look very beautifully together.

Before choosing fonts, it is important to stick with the context. For example, font to write the headline will be better to be detailed, exquisite, and lavish. Meanwhile, the content should be simple, readable, and have smaller size as well.

When do you use JPG or PNG compression?

Well, each format of image compression has different purpose along with different method of compression.

JPG compression will reduce the size of image by getting the similar color in an area. Higher level of compression will give result on more aggressive look on the image. This compression is suitable for photos, illustrations (mostly), gradients, drawing, and other images with rich and colorful colors.

PNG compression is basically reducing the used color numbers. Higher level of compression could result to the losing color shades, slightly. However, this compression is suitable for image with text, signs, icons, logos, screenshots and UI elements as well. It does not look good for picture with complex and colorful colors in it.

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