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Born in the hands of a digital marketer with a passion for copywriting, Essence Copywriting is an emerging enterprise in Jakarta that produces consumer-centric copywriting to spark attention, engage your customers, and inspire actions. This isn’t any ordinary copywriting. We don’t just fill empty spaces in your designs. Our words are written to bring you closer to your strategic goals, whatever they are (while making you sound awesome). Over the years, companies and agencies have hired us to write brand stories, ads, SEO-friendly websites, company profiles, you name it.

Now, let’s turn your brand into a conversation, and deliver the essence of your messaging.
We are at your service.

Why Us?

Personally dedicated

We only work on up to 4 projects per week, so we can dedicate more time to produce the perfect writing at a more personal level.

Bespoke copy

Choose your preferred style: hard or soft-selling? SEO keywords? Premium or casual tonality? With your brand identity represented in such a way, you’ll receive original copy exclusively written for you.

Language benchmarking for style

If it’s hard to explain the style you want, we can always benchmark other brands. Our finished copy will carry a similarly compelling style, while maintaining originality.

Flexible briefing

Save your precious time by briefing us your way: via email, phone call, whatsapp chat…or record your voice and send it to us. Easy!

We were once clients too

That makes it easier for us to understand your urgencies, your challenges, and the messages you wish to convey. Briefing us will be a piece of cake!

We research your brand

For minimum revisions (and frustrations), we will comprehensively study your brand to write accurate facts, with the right tonality. That’s how we wrote for various industries so far!

Creative translation

Don’t give up on your Indonesian copy just because it’s too boring! Let us transform it into a stronger, more creative English copy. This is what we call ‘Transcreation’.

The Writer’s Essence

Our hand-drawn emblem, nicknamed “The Writer’s Essence”, is composed of three essential elements that define who we are.

  1. The check mark represents our drive to get things done.
  2. The feather pen depicts our identity as copywriters.
  3. The feathers, resembling upward-pointing arrows, symbolize our goal to continuously improve and aim higher.