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ARCA or Arts Research and Collectors Association is a leading Asian art and history organization for collectors and patrons dedicated to discovering, researching, promoting and repositioning Asian art and history. Under patronage of National Art, Archaeology and Culture Foundation (NAAC) that was pioneered in 1967 and formally established in 2002, our team expanded its research and promotion projects to meet the societies’ demand and passion. Our team have more than 35 years of combined experience dedicated to navigating the research and publishing of Asian art and history projects in the form of articles, journals, reports and published books. Our team derive from the experienced archaeologists, museum curators, anthropologists or historians and experts who have specialized in conducting archaeological, historical, architectural and archival investigations across the Asian countries.

With illustrious complements and accreditations from government and patrons around the globe, collectors and institutions, ARCA constantly campaigns its projects in researching and promoting the Asian art and historic objects. ARCA also accommodate the interest of prudent collectors, museums, dealers, galleries and auction houses of Asian art to promote the exposure of Asian art and historic objects to any medias to reach millions of collectors and audiences around the globe. To enable collectors and enthusiasts of Asian art and history to access, promote or acquire the Asian art and historic objects, ARCA provides a wide range of social media pages to view and read our updated news regularly.


“Aligning society with Asian art and history to revive more awareness of melodious relationship among the globe countries.”


“Discovering, researching, promoting and repositioning Asian art and history to the diverse global society in achieving its extrinsic and intrinsic values for better investment and human life.”